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In the travels of NCP – Mantarays Ningaloo Beach Resort

This property should be on everyone’s bucket list. Not only is the destination truly amazing, the hotel is an oasis in the vast expanse of Western Australia and the journey to get to Ningaloo is like no other. There is just something about the WA coastline

The beginning of our journey started way back in December, 2007 (testing the memory a little) as we co-ordinated the Novotel branding. I was fortunate enough to visit this property in October 2009 (easy to remember as Geelong won the premiership “go cats”) and the memories are so vivid and will be with me forever.

– Arriving at the resort and looking at the colours of the ocean through the Reception area
– Standing on the stones in the shower, massaging my feet and washing my hair at the same time
– Being engulfed by the most comfortable couch I have ever experienced
– Buying seafood from the “secret locals spot”, cooking it on the bbq whilst the kids swam in the spa and watched the sunset
– The whales breaching as I chatted with the General Manager from the main hotel building

So fantastic are my memories, that some 8 years later, one of my parents was on a WA trip where they lived off the grid ina caravan for quite some time. As a surprise I arranged a nights accommodation (with a shower for that red dust) and a fantastic lunch. All organised some 5000km away. That is the beauty of hospitality, the people in it, the places we get to see and the truly great partnerships we make.

Going Places!

Christian Roche